Aiko Sano
Office Admin / Teacher
Degree: Bachelor
Experience: 15 Years in teaching kids
Hobbies: Music, traveling and fashion
My name is Aiko. I grew up and studied in Japan. I have been teaching children for a long time. This is my first year at ALS and love every minute of it, making the children’s learning experience is […]
Elena Perez
Degree: Bachelor
Experience: 7 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Music, Dancing and Reading
I am Elena and I have been teaching Japanese students for a number of years and enjoy utilizing creative activities to provide fun and effective lessons to kids. […]
Josephine Kojima
Degree: Bachelor
Experience: 5 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, jogging and golf
I have been working at American Lycetuff in Muscat, Oman, for five years. I am experienced working with children from 1.5year and above. In my free time, I enjoy playing golf, jogging, cooking and reading books. […]